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Troubled Teen Questionnaire
Teen Placement - Resources for Parents of Troubled Teenagers

Do you need help with your child? Has your child drastically changed his/her behavior recently? Does your child suffer from ADHD, ADD, ODD, Hyperactivity, Learning Disabilities or Emotional Abuse? Are they having problems with drug or alcohol abuse, lack of respect, disruptive behavior, talking back, sneaking out or ditching school? Are you ready to give up on your troubled teenagers? is an online resource for parents looking for help with their children. On this website you'll find helpful articles written by experts and other useful resources including a large directory of boarding schools, boot camps, military schools, private schools for troubled teenagers, residential treatment centers, Christian programs for troubled teenagers, and wilderness programs (each varying in the level of therapy and services they provide to teens).

Warnings signs: what behavior is "normal"?

Some of the most common questions most parents of troubled teenagers will ask themselves is 'why is my child doing this? Is it normal? Does it happen to anyone else? Should I be concerned?' If you are wondering about the severity of your troubled teenager's problems, you might consider some of the warning signs below. As you read through this list, consider how each point relates to your teenage son or daughter. If you find that you can answer "yes" to more than a few of these questions, then you may need to take further action:

If your troubled teenager's behavior meets some or all of the above descriptions, you are not alone. Depending on the severity of the problems you may need to work on some parent techniques to turn your situation around. If you feel your problem is more severe you can use our on line questionnaire tool to help plan a course of action. Available options include counseling, therapy, troubled teenagers programs, academic programs and boot camps (there are many different ways you can help your teenager but it's important to consider all of the alternatives). has been helping parents of troubled teenagers for nearly a decade - in this time we've replied to more than 10,000 questions from parents. Our years of experience can help you find the right help for your teen, from counseling to troubled teenager schools to Christian programs or even short-stay boot camps.

For Schools and Programs

If you are a representative for a youth program, and cannot find your school for troubled teenagers in our database, or would like to update the information on our site, please contact us. We would like to make sure all of the information on our site is up-to-date and relevant for our visitors.

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