Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Troubled Teens

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Never before has substance abuse and addiction been such a commonplace in our society. Young people who struggle with addiction quickly find their lives turned upside down. Everything in their life becomes secondary to achieving the high they have become accustomed to. Thankfully, at a time when this disease is spreading throughout every community in the U.S., we have unprecedented resources and services to help combat substance abuse and treat addiction. Additionally, MyTroubledTeens has valuable resources for parents of teens with drug abuse issues. Even teen addicts who are deeply entrenched in addiction hope remains. The chains of addiction can be broken. Some of the available resources are:

  • Inpatient detoxification
  • Short-Term Residential treatment (after detoxification)
  • Out-patient intensive addiction treatment
  • Addiction Counseling
  • 12 Step Programs - Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

One of the common mistakes parents and teens make is thinking that initial counseling and residential treatment is enough. In reality, addiction issues with teenagers require continued counseling and ongoing recovery services well into adulthood. Some teens will need continued therapeutic support for the rest of their lives. In order to combat temptations, cravings, and triggers young people may need continuous recovery support. Because each teen's level of addiction and treatment needs vary, parents, guardians, and family members need to know which level of care is appropriate. To properly help and support a teenage addict is to be equipped, educated, and engaged in the recovery lifestyle.

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Troubled Teens Abusing Drugs are Prone to Developing Serious Addiction Problems

At MyTroubledTeens, knowing that most troubled teens involved drug abuse are prone to lifelong addiction, we are committed to educating parents about drug and alcohol abuse, dependency, prevention, and treatment. Knowing that drug abuse can derail and thwart a teen's life, at MTT we take teen alcohol and drug abuse treatment very seriously. Our goal and objective are to educate parents. Please do not hesitate to give us a call. Feel free to reach out to our professional admissions counselors, family advocates, and educational consultants. Call 800-845-1342

Prior to seeking treatment for the first time, most troubled teens have not reached the dependency stage, yet. But for all teens who are experimenting with drugs, or beginning to abuse drugs (alcohol is a drug), the time to get help is RIGHT NOW, before addiction can destroy's their life. For teenagers, depending upon their emotional or mental problems can reach the addiction stage fast - many times before a parent is aware of the gravity of the situation.

Parents need to know that most troubled teens in treatment for drug abuse are also emotionally immature, and suffer from some form of emotional or mental disorder. When adding drug use to the mix the situation becomes a recipe for total disaster. If you know your troubled teen is emotionally immature or is dealing with an emotional or mental disorder AND he or she is experimenting or abusing drugs, the time to get them help is right now. As a parent, your focus should be on immediate intervention and substance abuse counseling. Your objective is to pull your child out of the fire and prevent a horrible outcome that often leads to long-term dependency, incarceration, or even death.