The Top California Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

Residential Treatment Centers California CA

MyTroubledTeen presents parents of troubled teens with the top California Residential Treatment Centers. Residential Treatment Centers (RTC's) are designed to help struggling teens deal with and overcome substance abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, academic failure, sexual promiscuity, and many other mental and emotional health issues related to struggling adolescents.

Many of the California residential treatment centers we represent are confused with therapeutic boarding schools. There is a huge difference between these two treatment programs. Essentially, the main difference between a residential treatment program and a therapeutic boarding school is the level of psychological and psychiatric care and the attention given toward academic pursuits.

RTC's typically offer both therapeutic treatment and academic services, but the best RTC's also provide intensive and long-term therapeutic treatment for substance abuse, addiction, personality and mental disorders, depression, eating disorders, and many other mental health issues. Lastly, the top RTC's provide life and social skills therapy required to restore a severely troubled teenager back to a life of peace, prosperity, and sobriety.

When adolescents are admitted to a Residential Treatment Center they receive an individualized treatment and therapy plan specifically tailored to their unique emotional and mental health needs. The treatment plan takes into account everything about the child's individual situation. The purpose of the individual treatment plan is to ensure the child is given therapeutic care that gives them the best chance at full and permanent recovery.

Parents needing assistance with a troubled teen can get the personal and professional assistance from our admissions counselors. Our admissions professionals coach parents through the process of making the right RTC for choice for their child and family. Please take the first step and get help now by calling 800-845-1342.

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Teen Residential Treatment Centers Focus on All Mental Health-related Issues

The Residential Treatment Centers that we represent focus on overcoming moderate to severe emotional and mental health issues that are preventing struggling teens from growing mentally and emotionally.

For example, issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, substance abuse, personality disorders, eating disorders, and severe behavioral problems will prevent any teen from growing in all aspects of their life. Until these issues are dealt with (overcome), a teen literally cannot grow, prosper, thrive, or Group Therapy Session at a top RTCadvance. Consequently, their immediate and long term future is bleak.

Residential treatment is very different from other types of therapeutic intervention. First, RTC's are residential-based programs where the child lives in the program for an extended period of time (ranging between 90-days to 18 months).

Residential treatment programs are more comprehensive and holistic when compared to less restrictive therapeutic interventions. RTC's are required to evaluate each child and provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan within the first 30-days of admission. This individual treatment plan is specifically tailored to meet the unique mental health issue of each child and used as the therapeutic "path" to emotional health (peace and prosperity).

Hurting families wanting help for their troubled child can are getting personal coaching from our professional family advocates. Our advocates are professionally equipped to walk parents through the process of choosing the best RTC for their teen. You can take the best step to get immediate help by calling 800-845-1342.

Nature Has Proven to Offer Amazing Mental Health Benefits

Remember playing outside until mom called you in for dinner? Keep in mind, when it comes to teenagers RTC's located in rural regions provide myriad intangible mental health benefits that can't be matched in suburbia. For example, treatment centers situated on a ranch in the middle of the mountains and surrounded by a majestic forest offer a unique and unmatched therapeutic value. The serenity of the mountains has proven to add an immeasurable advantage, especially when enhanced with animal therapy and outdoor adventure.

Programs offered by MyTroubledTeen are tailored specifically toward adolescents with special needs. In many cases, teens that have not responded to traditional suburban treatment venues have found the help they needed while attending a rural program. The truth is that RTC's located in majestic mountains made all the difference. Meaning, the therapeutic treatment offered by rural programs are teen-friendly because they are enhanced by their location.

If you are ready to see positive change your teenager's life, or have specific questions about residential treatment centers (suburban or rural), please call us. Our family advocates are on standby ready to serve, and always available to speak with parents of troubled teens. Call 800-845-1342 today!

California mental health resources for struggling adolescent boys and girls

MyTroubledTeen is a top-notch comprehensive, online source of treatment centers created deliberately by a league of licensed and faithful mental health therapists, who have offered direction to numerous parents and struggling teens in California in the past two decades. Each one of us got our start in the family therapy and rehabilitative treatment industry because our own teen was problematic. MTT offers parents in California with a broad lineup of therapeutic facilities, wilderness programs, and various boarding schools near California, and all across the nation. Here at MTT, we understand the common trials that adolescent boys and girls are being faced with in today’s world. We can provide resources that assist teens to tackle their educational, social, and/or behavioral related conflicts in ways that are both productive and healthy. Our quality counselors and family advocates are intimately familiar with the current obstacles adolescent boys and girls experience in California; and our family advocates are available to direct parents with the placement of their adolescent into the most optimal therapeutic facility for a struggling adolescent.

Our diligence, aspiration, and ambition is to provide direction to parents in California; with a teen who may be battling self-harming behaviors, separation anxiety, and/or behavioral or process addiction (porn, gaming) issues and in need of remediation. As a quality comprehensive directory of therapeutic boarding schools, MTT’s family advocates are faithful to assisting California parents who are searching for the most fitting treatment centers, partnerships, and professional therapists in the US; offering hope and recovering rehabilitation for their at-risk adolescent.

Each of our counselors and family advocates have intimately known the heart-wrenching crisis of a troubled teen child, and they required direction as well. Like all parents, we love our child too! The great news is, there is a pleasant payoff waiting for families and parents from California who are undergoing the poignant sadness of an at-risk adolescent; and it’s our privilege to give back! MyTroubledTeen is a quality online directory for the parent of a troubled teenager, assisting parents of troubled teens in California who are searching for the most suitable therapeutic facilities and rehabilitative treatment for their teen child; who may be battling seasonal affective disorder (depression) and/or video game addiction (gaming) issues. Call our licensed educational consultant at 800-845-1342 or Get Help Now!

Choose a City Page in CA
  1. Acton (CA)
  2. Adelanto (CA)
  3. Agoura (CA)
  4. Agoura Hills (CA)
  5. Agua Dulce (CA)
  6. Aguanga (CA)
  7. Alameda (CA)
  8. Alamo (CA)
  9. Albany (CA)
  10. Alhambra (CA)
  11. Aliso Viejo (CA)
  12. Alpine (CA)
  13. Alta Loma (CA)
  14. Altadena (CA)
  15. American Canyon (CA)
  16. Anaheim (CA)
  17. Anaheim Hills (CA)
  18. Anderson (CA)
  19. Angels Camp (CA)
  20. Antelope (CA)
  21. Antioch (CA)
  22. Anza (CA)
  23. Apple Valley (CA)
  24. Aptos (CA)
  25. Arcadia (CA)
  26. Arcata (CA)
  27. Arnold (CA)
  28. Aromas (CA)
  29. Arroyo Grande (CA)
  30. Atascadero (CA)
  31. Atherton (CA)
  32. Atwater (CA)
  33. Atwood (CA)
  34. Auburn (CA)
  35. Avila Beach (CA)
  36. Azusa (CA)
  37. Bakersfield (CA)
  38. Baldwin Hills (CA)
  39. Baldwin Park (CA)
  40. Banning (CA)
  41. Bayside (CA)
  42. Beaumont (CA)
  43. Bell (CA)
  44. Bellflower (CA)
  45. Belmont (CA)
  46. Belvedere (CA)
  47. Belvedere Tiburon (CA)
  48. Ben Lomond (CA)
  49. Benicia (CA)
  50. Benton (CA)
  51. Berkeley (CA)
  52. Bermuda Dunes (CA)
  53. Bethel Island (CA)
  54. Beverly Hills (CA)
  55. Big Bear City (CA)
  56. Big Bear Lake (CA)
  57. Big Pine (CA)
  58. Big Sur (CA)
  59. Biola (CA)
  60. Bishop (CA)
  61. Blackhawk (CA)
  62. Bloomington (CA)
  63. Blue Jay (CA)
  64. Blythe (CA)
  65. Bodega (CA)
  66. Bonita (CA)
  67. Bonsall (CA)
  68. Boonville (CA)
  69. Boulder Creek (CA)
  70. Bradbury (CA)
  71. Bradley (CA)
  72. Brea (CA)
  73. Brentwood (CA)
  74. Bridgeport (CA)
  75. Brisbane (CA)
  76. Bryn Mawr (CA)
  77. Buellton (CA)
  78. Buena Park (CA)
  79. Burbank (CA)
  80. Burlingame (CA)
  81. Calabasas (CA)
  82. Calexico (CA)
  83. Calimesa (CA)
  84. Calistoga (CA)
  85. Camarillo (CA)
  86. Cambria (CA)
  87. Cameron Park (CA)
  88. Campbell (CA)
  89. Canoga Park (CA)
  90. Canyon Country (CA)
  91. Canyon Lake (CA)
  92. Capistrano Beach (CA)
  93. Capitola (CA)
  94. Cardiff (CA)
  95. Cardiff By The Sea (CA)
  96. Carlsbad (CA)
  97. Carmel (CA)
  98. Carmel By The Sea (CA)
  99. Carmel Valley (CA)
  100. Carmichael (CA)
  101. Carpinteria (CA)
  102. Carson (CA)
  103. Castaic (CA)
  104. Castro Valley (CA)
  105. Cathedral City (CA)
  106. Cayucos (CA)
  107. Century City (CA)
  108. Ceres (CA)
  109. Cerritos (CA)
  110. Chatsworth (CA)
  111. Cherry Valley (CA)
  112. Chester (CA)
  113. Chico (CA)
  114. Chino (CA)
  115. Chino Hills (CA)
  116. Chowchilla (CA)
  117. Chula Vista (CA)
  118. Citrus Heights (CA)
  119. Claremont (CA)
  120. Clearlake (CA)
  121. Cloverdale (CA)
  122. Clovis (CA)
  123. Coalinga (CA)
  124. Cold Springs (CA)
  125. Colfax (CA)
  126. Coloma (CA)
  127. Colton (CA)
  128. Columbia (CA)
  129. Compton (CA)
  130. Concord (CA)
  131. Cool (CA)
  132. Copperopolis (CA)
  133. Corning (CA)
  134. Corona (CA)
  135. Corona Del Mar (CA)
  136. Coronado (CA)
  137. Corte Madera (CA)
  138. Costa Mesa (CA)
  139. Cotati (CA)
  140. Coto De Caza (CA)
  141. Cottonwood (CA)
  142. Courtland (CA)
  143. Covina (CA)
  144. Cowan Heights (CA)
  145. Crescent City (CA)
  146. Crestline (CA)
  147. Crockett (CA)
  148. Culver City (CA)
  149. Cupertino (CA)
  150. Cutten (CA)
  151. Cypress (CA)
  152. Daly City (CA)
  153. Dana Point (CA)
  154. Danville (CA)
  155. Davis (CA)
  156. Del Mar (CA)
  157. Del Rey (CA)
  158. Delano (CA)
  159. Denair (CA)
  160. Desert Hot Springs (CA)
  161. Diamond Bar (CA)
  162. Diamond Springs (CA)
  163. Dillon Beach (CA)
  164. Discovery Bay (CA)
  165. Dixon (CA)
  166. Dobbins (CA)
  167. Downey (CA)
  168. Duarte (CA)
  169. Dublin (CA)
  170. Durham (CA)
  171. Dutch Flat (CA)
  172. Eagle Rock (CA)
  173. East Los Angeles (CA)
  174. Echo Lake (CA)
  175. Edwards (CA)
  176. El Cajon (CA)
  177. El Centro (CA)
  178. El Cerrito (CA)
  179. El Dorado (CA)
  180. El Dorado Hills (CA)
  181. El Granada (CA)
  182. El Monte (CA)
  183. El Segundo (CA)
  184. El Sobrante (CA)
  185. El Toro (CA)
  186. Elk Grove (CA)
  187. Emeryville (CA)
  188. Encinitas (CA)
  189. Encino (CA)
  190. Escondido (CA)
  191. Etiwanda (CA)
  192. Eureka (CA)
  193. Exeter (CA)
  194. Fair Oaks (CA)
  195. Fairfax (CA)
  196. Fairfield (CA)
  197. Fallbrook (CA)
  198. Felton (CA)
  199. Fillmore (CA)
  200. Folsom (CA)
  201. Fontana (CA)
  202. Foothill Ranch (CA)
  203. Forest Knolls (CA)
  204. Forestville (CA)
  205. Fort Bragg (CA)
  206. Fortuna (CA)
  207. Foster City (CA)
  208. Fountain Valley (CA)
  209. Frazier Park (CA)
  210. Fremont (CA)
  211. French Camp (CA)
  212. French Gulch (CA)
  213. Fresno (CA)
  214. Fullerton (CA)
  215. Galt (CA)
  216. Garberville (CA)
  217. Garden Grove (CA)
  218. Gardena (CA)
  219. George Afb (CA)
  220. Georgetown (CA)
  221. Geyserville (CA)
  222. Gilroy (CA)
  223. Glassell Park (CA)
  224. Glen Ellen (CA)
  225. Glencoe (CA)
  226. Glendale (CA)
  227. Glendora (CA)
  228. Glenn (CA)
  229. Gold River (CA)
  230. Goleta (CA)
  231. Goshen (CA)
  232. Granada Hills (CA)
  233. Grand Terrace (CA)
  234. Granite Bay (CA)
  235. Grass Valley (CA)
  236. Graton (CA)
  237. Greenbrae (CA)
  238. Grenada (CA)
  239. Gridley (CA)
  240. Grover Beach (CA)
  241. Gualala (CA)
  242. Guerneville (CA)
  243. Hacienda Heights (CA)
  244. Half Moon Bay (CA)
  245. Hanford (CA)
  246. Harbor City (CA)
  247. Hawaiian Gardens (CA)
  248. Hawthorne (CA)
  249. Hayward (CA)
  250. Healdsburg (CA)
  251. Helendale (CA)
  252. Hemet (CA)
  253. Hercules (CA)
  254. Hermosa Beach (CA)
  255. Hesperia (CA)
  256. Hidden Valley (CA)
  257. Hidden Valley Lake (CA)
  258. Highland (CA)
  259. Hillsborough (CA)
  260. Hollister (CA)
  261. Hollywood (CA)
  262. Holtville (CA)
  263. Huntington Beach (CA)
  264. Huntington Park (CA)
  265. Idyllwild (CA)
  266. Igo (CA)
  267. Imperial Beach (CA)
  268. Indian Wells (CA)
  269. Indio (CA)
  270. Inglewood (CA)
  271. Inverness (CA)
  272. Irvine (CA)
  273. Irwindale (CA)
  274. Ivanhoe (CA)
  275. Jackson (CA)
  276. Jamestown (CA)
  277. Jamul (CA)
  278. Julian (CA)
  279. Keene (CA)
  280. Kelseyville (CA)
  281. Kensington (CA)
  282. Kentfield (CA)
  283. Kenwood (CA)
  284. Kerman (CA)
  285. Keyes (CA)
  286. King City (CA)
  287. Kings Beach (CA)
  288. Kingsburg (CA)
  289. Klamath (CA)
  290. Korbel (CA)
  291. La Canada (CA)
  292. La Canada Flintridge (CA)
  293. La Crescenta (CA)
  294. La Habra (CA)
  295. La Jolla (CA)
  296. La Mesa (CA)
  297. La Mirada (CA)
  298. La Palma (CA)
  299. La Puente (CA)
  300. La Quinta (CA)
  301. La Verne (CA)
  302. Ladera Ranch (CA)
  303. Lafayette (CA)
  304. Laguna Beach (CA)
  305. Laguna Hills (CA)
  306. Laguna Niguel (CA)
  307. Laguna Woods (CA)
  308. Lake Arrowhead (CA)
  309. Lake Balboa (CA)
  310. Lake Elsinore (CA)
  311. Lake Forest (CA)
  312. Lakeport (CA)
  313. Lakeside (CA)
  314. Lakeview (CA)
  315. Lakewood (CA)
  316. Lamont (CA)
  317. Lancaster (CA)
  318. Larkfield (CA)
  319. Larkspur (CA)
  320. Lathrop (CA)
  321. Lawndale (CA)
  322. Laytonville (CA)
  323. Leimert Park (CA)
  324. Lemon Grove (CA)
  325. Lemoore (CA)
  326. Leona Valley (CA)
  327. Lincoln (CA)
  328. Linden (CA)
  329. Lindsay (CA)
  330. Littlerock (CA)
  331. Live Oak (CA)
  332. Livermore (CA)
  333. Lodi (CA)
  334. Loma Linda (CA)
  335. Lomita (CA)
  336. Lompoc (CA)
  337. Long Beach (CA)
  338. Loomis (CA)
  339. Los Alamitos (CA)
  340. Los Altos (CA)
  341. Los Altos Hills (CA)
  342. Los Gatos (CA)
  343. Los Olivos (CA)
  344. Los Osos (CA)
  345. Lower Lake (CA)
  346. Lucerne Valley (CA)
  347. Lynwood (CA)
  348. Madera (CA)
  349. Madison (CA)
  350. Magalia (CA)
  351. Malibu (CA)
  352. Mammoth Lakes (CA)
  353. Manhattan Beach (CA)
  354. Manteca (CA)
  355. March Air Reserve Base (CA)
  356. Marina (CA)
  357. Marina Del Rey (CA)
  358. Mariposa (CA)
  359. Markleeville (CA)
  360. Martinez (CA)
  361. Marysville (CA)
  362. Mckinleyville (CA)
  363. Meadow Vista (CA)
  364. Mecca (CA)
  365. Mendocino (CA)
  366. Menifee (CA)
  367. Menlo Park (CA)
  368. Merced (CA)
  369. Middletown (CA)
  370. Mill Valley (CA)
  371. Millbrae (CA)
  372. Milpitas (CA)
  373. Mira Loma (CA)
  374. Miramonte (CA)
  375. Mission Hills (CA)
  376. Mission Viejo (CA)
  377. Modesto (CA)
  378. Mokelumne Hill (CA)
  379. Monrovia (CA)
  380. Montague (CA)
  381. Montara (CA)
  382. Montclair (CA)
  383. Monte Nido (CA)
  384. Monte Rio (CA)
  385. Montebello (CA)
  386. Montecito (CA)
  387. Monterey (CA)
  388. Monterey Park (CA)
  389. Montrose (CA)
  390. Moorpark (CA)
  391. Moraga (CA)
  392. Moreno Valley (CA)
  393. Morgan Hill (CA)
  394. Morongo Valley (CA)
  395. Morro Bay (CA)
  396. Mount Hermon (CA)
  397. Mount Shasta (CA)
  398. Mountain Center (CA)
  399. Mountain Ranch (CA)
  400. Mountain View (CA)
  401. Muir Beach (CA)
  402. Murphys (CA)
  403. Murrieta (CA)
  404. Napa (CA)
  405. National City (CA)
  406. Nevada City (CA)
  407. Newark (CA)
  408. Newbury Park (CA)
  409. Newcastle (CA)
  410. Newhall (CA)
  411. Newport Beach (CA)
  412. Newport Coast (CA)
  413. Nipomo (CA)
  414. Norco (CA)
  415. North Highlands (CA)
  416. North Hollywood (CA)
  417. North Tustin (CA)
  418. Northridge (CA)
  419. Norwalk (CA)
  420. Novato (CA)
  421. Oak Park (CA)
  422. Oak View (CA)
  423. Oakdale (CA)
  424. Oakhurst (CA)
  425. Oakland (CA)
  426. Oakley (CA)
  427. Oakwood (CA)
  428. Occidental (CA)
  429. Oceanside (CA)
  430. Ojai (CA)
  431. Ontario (CA)
  432. Orange (CA)
  433. Orangevale (CA)
  434. Orcutt (CA)
  435. Orinda (CA)
  436. Orland (CA)
  437. Oroville (CA)
  438. Oxnard (CA)
  439. Pacific Beach (CA)
  440. Pacific Grove (CA)
  441. Pacific Palisades (CA)
  442. Pacifica (CA)
  443. Paicines (CA)
  444. Pala (CA)
  445. Palermo (CA)
  446. Palm Desert (CA)
  447. Palm Springs (CA)
  448. Palmdale (CA)
  449. Palo Alto (CA)
  450. Palo Cedro (CA)
  451. Palomar Park (CA)
  452. Palos Verdes Estates (CA)
  453. Palos Verdes Peninsula (CA)
  454. Panorama City (CA)
  455. Paradise (CA)
  456. Paramount (CA)
  457. Parkfield (CA)
  458. Pasadena (CA)
  459. Paso Robles (CA)
  460. Patterson (CA)
  461. Pebble Beach (CA)
  462. Penn Valley (CA)
  463. Penngrove (CA)
  464. Perris (CA)
  465. Pescadero (CA)
  466. Petaluma (CA)
  467. Phillips Ranch (CA)
  468. Pico Rivera (CA)
  469. Piedmont (CA)
  470. Pinedale (CA)
  471. Pinole (CA)
  472. Pioneertown (CA)
  473. Pismo Beach (CA)
  474. Pittsburg (CA)
  475. Placentia (CA)
  476. Placerville (CA)
  477. Playa Del Rey (CA)
  478. Playa Vista (CA)
  479. Pleasant Hill (CA)
  480. Pleasanton (CA)
  481. Point Reyes Station (CA)
  482. Pomona (CA)
  483. Port Hueneme (CA)
  484. Porter Ranch (CA)
  485. Porterville (CA)
  486. Portola Valley (CA)
  487. Poway (CA)
  488. Prather (CA)
  489. Prunedale (CA)
  490. Quartz Hill (CA)
  491. Quincy (CA)
  492. Ramona (CA)
  493. Rancho Cordova (CA)
  494. Rancho Cucamonga (CA)
  495. Rancho Mirage (CA)
  496. Rancho Murieta (CA)
  497. Rancho Palos Verdes (CA)
  498. Rancho Park (CA)
  499. Rancho Santa Fe (CA)
  500. Rancho Santa Margarita (CA)
  501. Rancho Sante Fe (CA)
  502. Red Bluff (CA)
  503. Redding (CA)
  504. Redlands (CA)
  505. Redondo Beach (CA)
  506. Redwood City (CA)
  507. Redwood Valley (CA)
  508. Reedley (CA)
  509. Rescue (CA)
  510. Reseda (CA)
  511. Rialto (CA)
  512. Richmond (CA)
  513. Ridgecrest (CA)
  514. Rio Linda (CA)
  515. Rio Vista (CA)
  516. Ripon (CA)
  517. Riverbank (CA)
  518. Riverside (CA)
  519. Rocklin (CA)
  520. Rohnert Park (CA)
  521. Rolling Hills (CA)
  522. Rolling Hills Estates (CA)
  523. Rosamond (CA)
  524. Rosemead (CA)
  525. Roseville (CA)
  526. Ross (CA)
  527. Rough And Ready (CA)
  528. Rowland Heights (CA)
  529. Rubidoux (CA)
  530. Running Springs (CA)
  531. Sacramento (CA)
  532. Saint Helena (CA)
  533. Salida (CA)
  534. Salinas (CA)
  535. Salton City (CA)
  536. Samoa (CA)
  537. San Andreas (CA)
  538. San Anselmo (CA)
  539. San Bernadino (CA)
  540. San Bernardino (CA)
  541. San Bruno (CA)
  542. San Carlos (CA)
  543. San Clemente (CA)
  544. San Diego (CA)
  545. San Dimas (CA)
  546. San Fernando (CA)
  547. San Francisco (CA)
  548. San Gabriel (CA)
  549. San Jacinto (CA)
  550. San Jose (CA)
  551. San Juan Bautista (CA)
  552. San Juan Capistrano (CA)
  553. San Leandro (CA)
  554. San Lorenzo (CA)
  555. San Luis Obispo (CA)
  556. San Marcos (CA)
  557. San Marino (CA)
  558. San Martin (CA)
  559. San Mateo (CA)
  560. San Pablo (CA)
  561. San Pedro (CA)
  562. San Quentin (CA)
  563. San Rafael (CA)
  564. San Ramon (CA)
  565. San Ysidro (CA)
  566. Sanger (CA)
  567. Santa Ana (CA)
  568. Santa Barbara (CA)
  569. Santa Clara (CA)
  570. Santa Clarita (CA)
  571. Santa Cruz (CA)
  572. Santa Fe Springs (CA)
  573. Santa Maria (CA)
  574. Santa Monica (CA)
  575. Santa Paula (CA)
  576. Santa Rosa (CA)
  577. Santa Susana (CA)
  578. Santa Ynez (CA)
  579. Santee (CA)
  580. Saratoga (CA)
  581. Saugus (CA)
  582. Sausalito (CA)
  583. Scotts Valley (CA)
  584. Seal Beach (CA)
  585. Seaside (CA)
  586. Sebastopol (CA)
  587. Selma (CA)
  588. Shafter (CA)
  589. Shasta Lake (CA)
  590. Shell Beach (CA)
  591. Sherman Oaks (CA)
  592. Shingle Springs (CA)
  593. Shingletown (CA)
  594. Sierra Madre (CA)
  595. Signal Hill (CA)
  596. Simi Valley (CA)
  597. Solana Beach (CA)
  598. Solvang (CA)
  599. Somis (CA)
  600. Sonoma (CA)
  601. Sonora (CA)
  602. Soquel (CA)
  603. Soulsbyville (CA)
  604. South Gate (CA)
  605. South Lake Tahoe (CA)
  606. South Pasadena (CA)
  607. South San Francisco (CA)
  608. Spring Valley (CA)
  609. Stanford (CA)
  610. Stanton (CA)
  611. Stevenson Ranch (CA)
  612. Stinson Beach (CA)
  613. Stockton (CA)
  614. Strawberry (CA)
  615. Studio City (CA)
  616. Suisun City (CA)
  617. Summerland (CA)
  618. Sun City (CA)
  619. Sunland (CA)
  620. Sunnyvale (CA)
  621. Sunol (CA)
  622. Sunset Beach (CA)
  623. Susanville (CA)
  624. Sutter Creek (CA)
  625. Sylmar (CA)
  626. Taft (CA)
  627. Tahoe City (CA)
  628. Tahoe Vista (CA)
  629. Talmage (CA)
  630. Tarzana (CA)
  631. Tehachapi (CA)
  632. Temecula (CA)
  633. Temple City (CA)
  634. Templeton (CA)
  635. Thousand Oaks (CA)
  636. Thousand Palms (CA)
  637. Three Rivers (CA)
  638. Tiburon (CA)
  639. Tollhouse (CA)
  640. Toluca Lake (CA)
  641. Toluca Terrace (CA)
  642. Tomales (CA)
  643. Topanga (CA)
  644. Torrance (CA)
  645. Trabuco Canyon (CA)
  646. Tracy (CA)
  647. Travis Afb (CA)
  648. Trinidad (CA)
  649. Truckee (CA)
  650. Tujunga (CA)
  651. Tulare (CA)
  652. Tuolumne (CA)
  653. Turlock (CA)
  654. Tustin (CA)
  655. Twain Harte (CA)
  656. Twentynine Palms (CA)
  657. Twin Bridges (CA)
  658. Ukiah (CA)
  659. Union City (CA)
  660. Universal City (CA)
  661. Upland (CA)
  662. Vacaville (CA)
  663. Valencia (CA)
  664. Vallejo (CA)
  665. Valley Center (CA)
  666. Valley Springs (CA)
  667. Valley Village (CA)
  668. Van Nuys (CA)
  669. Vandenberg Afb (CA)
  670. Venice (CA)
  671. Ventura (CA)
  672. Ventura County (CA)
  673. Victorville (CA)
  674. Villa Grande (CA)
  675. Villa Park (CA)
  676. Visalia (CA)
  677. Vista (CA)
  678. Walnut (CA)
  679. Walnut Creek (CA)
  680. Wasco (CA)
  681. Watsonville (CA)
  682. Weed (CA)
  683. West Covina (CA)
  684. West Hills (CA)
  685. West Hollywood (CA)
  686. West Los Angeles (CA)
  687. West Sacramento (CA)
  688. West Toluca Lake (CA)
  689. Westchester (CA)
  690. Westlake Village (CA)
  691. Westley (CA)
  692. Westminster (CA)
  693. Westwood (CA)
  694. Wheatland (CA)
  695. Whittier (CA)
  696. Wildomar (CA)
  697. Willits (CA)
  698. Los Angeles (CA)